What We Offer

We are Linking Potential with Opportunity

Analysis of the client’s requirement’s integrating with the career aspirations of our candidates allows us to recommend candidates we believe will add value and improve productivity to the company.

We offer Temporary/Contractual

We have the means to assist our clients with candidates on a temporary contractual basis where necessary.

We have a Broad Network

Positions are advertised on the most relevant social media, where there is highest exposure to quality job seekers.

We Narrow it Down to the Best Options

Strict screening and vetting process results in a database of candidates who are qualified and of the highest calibre

 We Aim to Give you Peace of Mind

Our guarantees aim to provide peace of mind in a way that ensures the responsibility for finding the correct talent for the client is our prime concern throughout.

My journey with Service Solutions began in 2013 when I originally met with Marlene for an interview, from the onset I could tell that Marlene was passionate about what she does. The detail she shared about her clients and the information she offered showed me as a potential candidate that she was not only knowledgeable about her client’s business but also really brand proud as it should be when you recruiting within the Luxury market.

Having met with Marlene I was subsequently offered a role within her organization as she too had an opening which she needed to fill. Marlene invested both time and energy into my career in recruitment and taught me everything I was required to know in order to be both effective and efficient to our clients. Having spent three years within her business and having Marlene as my Mentor I could not be more thankful for the opportunity she afforded me.

– Ryan Inder (Service Solutions Client)

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